My name is Vinicius Núñez, I'm a drummer and a game composer based in Sao Paulo - Brazil.

I am glad to know that you are curious about my work and perhaps you want to count on me for the music of your next game, or maybe you are also a composer. Either way, welcome!
Here is something to give some thought:
Besides the gameplay, what turns a videogame attractive, sometimes overcoming the story? That’s right, the music! Some games are renowned by their soundtracks, right?
As a gamer I remember quit playing some videogames because of their boring music or because it wouldn’t even match the action on the screen.

What I can do.

As a composer I can create a soundtrack that fits perfectly to your game, including the levels, menu, game over etc.
Here you will find some original compositions of mine. Check it out:

Games I worked on.

How to hire me?

If you are interested in working with me please send an e-mail to vinicius@viniciusnunezmusic.com so we can talk more in detail about your needs.